Various Clan activities happen between a number of Clans, where groups of excellent anglers collectively perform fishing tasks to the best of their skill and thus determine the winning Clan. Clan Matches are no exception to that rule.

Typically, the most important factor for matching Clans in these competitions is the current League a Clan has reached. The League itself is based on the number of Prestige Points gained throughout the exciting Events Fishing Clash offers for Clan members.

As all the competitions take place in real time, it may be that your Clan is paired with a Clan of a different rank. This is due to the current number of Clans in your League: if an uneven number of Clans is available, such a solution means everyone may continue to enjoy a Clan competition.

The Clan matchmaking system is set to create the most even and fair pairing, so sometimes your Clan will fight with a Clan from a higher or a lower League, but don't worry! Letting your Clan know that they need to hold onto their rods tighter and fight valiantly usually does the trick to motivate them. Additionally, remember to take advantage of the Lure donation feature in order to strengthen the fishing abilities of Clan members and bolster your forces!