If you lost your current progress in Fishing Clash and wish to recover it, please check the relevant FAQ sections. For iOS click here, and for Android, here.

For further details regarding your profile, please continue reading the description below.

Your Fishing Clash profile page is divided into six sections:

Profile – all the basic information about your account: your username, your duel rank, various statistics and your biggest fish caught.

Progress – you can view your progress for every available fishery. Here, you will see how many lures you have (how many fish have been discovered), what is your best rod for specific fisheries, how many boss fish you’ve defeated and how many collections you’ve completed.

Skins & More – here, you can view your skins and other vanity items. You can earn these at certain events and by purchasing them when available.

Inbox– all messages received from our team will be visible here. Check them often to make sure you don’t miss any!

Friends – you can merge your account with your Facebook profile here. If you do that, all your friends who play the game and have merged their Facebook accounts will be listed here. Please note that it will not save your progress.

VIP Status – this is your individual VIP status tab.