Packs are your main source of new lures and experience points needed to level up in the game.

They contain several rewards:
Common – coins, lures, and rods.
Rare – pearls and power-ups.

There are different types of packs in Fishing Clash:

Free Packs – available for each player every 4 hours. You do not have to claim the pack straight away but remember that only 2 free packs can be stored at a time, so it's best to visit FC every 8 hours not to miss any free lures!
Duel Packs – for winning a duel. Opening them takes time. There are two types of duel packs – one contains lures and the other contains rods.
Hook Packs – available after obtaining ten duel tokens.
Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packs – available only in the shop and for winning duels.
Clan Packs – available to clan members and obtainable through acquiring hooks, similarly to Hook Packs.
Special Packs – usually a part of a limited offer. They may contain lures for specific fish or a particular fishery only.
Draft Packs – this is a type of lure pack where you choose lures yourself.
Fortune Packs – this is a type of lure pack which has a higher chance than regular packs to contain lures for fish that are at a low level in your album.