The periodic event called Trip (Battle Pass) is about achieving consecutive goals appearing on your way as you proceed. Trips are thematical and differ from each other in terms of visuals. For example, you can go on the “Shark Clash Trip” or “Sea Trip.” Each Trip lasts for a specified period, and only one Trip can be available at a time.

During the Trip, you visit consecutive havens (your position is marked by the boat icon). There, you will find new tasks and get great rewards for completing them. You can receive coins, pearls, packs, and power-ups. To get to the next haven, you need a specified number of Energy Points.

Also, you must have a Ticket if you want to go on a Trip. Fortunately, each player gets a Free Ticket for each Trip. It allows you to complete the whole Trip and collect free rewards. If you want to speed up the Trip, you can visit the shop and buy a Golden Ticket, which gives you access to extra havens and more precious rewards.