Star Meter is a new fish collection system in the game. The meter counts stars (i.e., star points) gathered during fishing. You get these points by catching better fish.

For example:
• If you catch the X fish worth 3 stars for the first time, you get 3 stars.
• If you catch the X fish worth 2 stars, you don’t get any stars (because you did not beat your record).
• If you catch the X fish worth 4 stars, you get 1 star point (because you beat your record by 1 star).

Each fishery has its own Star Meter. It features thresholds with rewards that you can collect once you have gathered a specified number of star points. Among the rewards, there are power-ups, pearls, and rods.

If you want to complete your Fish Collection, all your fish must be worth 15 stars.