Gives you an insight into what fish you've hooked and shows you its weight range. This power-up lets you decide quickly whether it’s worth continuing to struggle with a given fish. You can abort the process at any time without having to land the fish and recast the line quickly. Please also note that even though the precision of Sonar may be increased to 100% accuracy, the fish weight will still be shown as a range. With 100% Sonar accuracy, the point range is due to the Combo bar; you need to land a 100% Combo for the best result.

Additionally, in the Settings menu, you may toggle between FAST and SLOW Sonar. The slow option ensures you have enough time to decide whether to keep the fish or look for a different one. The fast Sonar feature is useful for advanced anglers who take part in competitive events in Fishing Clash. It allows you to quickly find your next catch, which is useful when time is of the essence. But be careful: fast is not always safe, so when fishing with this kind of Sonar, you may accidentally overlook a whopper and there's no way to undo that!