You said we should refresh Clan Wars, so we took it seriously. Let us present you with a spanking new edition of them. Ready? Let's go then!

Clan Wars are going seasonal! It's pretty straightforward: each season will run over a specific time, with the next one kicking in immediately after it ends. It means that each season, we all start with even chances and fish hard to secure the best position within the league or, ideally, progress to the higher one.

What's in it for you? Well, quite a lot: a brand-new set of rewards during the season and superb, unique ones at the end of each one. We've put in much effort so that you'd be happy about the new rewards. Also, you'll have better chances to be adequately matched with other clans during the wars – we do realize it's one of the main pain-in-the-necks you've been reporting.

Oh, one more thing: there will be two stages of change. The first one kicks in next week and won't affect your current league nor division. Together with the second stage, we'll move all non-elite members to the first division of their existing league. Also, we'd need to move the Elite members to the Diamond League. There's just one division in the Elite League at present, so we kind of can't have any space to go about that in any different way. Of course, we'll honor all the Elite members' achievements with some fancy, unique frame avatars – we'll never forget how far you got in Clan Wars!

In short, the new format of Clan Wars will be a breeze of fresh and fair competition where all clans will have even chances to achieve their best and enjoy them as much as they should.

To war, comrades in rods!