Time to break the bank!

Fishy Bank lets you get fine extra rewards. When it’s active, you’ll earn Fishcoins for every fish you catch. Once the bank’s full, simply crack it open and turn them into Pearls. Be quick as it’s available for a limited time only. You know what they say: time’s money :)

A few bits and bobs you may also want to be familiar with:
  • You’ll find the Fishy Bank icon on the main screen.
  • The only way to turn Fishcoins into rewards is to purchase the Fishy Bank
  • You can have one active Fishy Bank.
We’re currently testing the Fishy Bank, so we’ll randomly distribute it to a certain number of players. It means you may not see it. If this is the case, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. We promise to introduce the feature for all the anglers after implementing the suggested changes provided by the test group.