Hi Anglers!

My name is Matt, and I am the new Game Lead for the Fishing Clash Team. I am thrilled to be working on this amazing game, with such dedicated and passionate players. I believe in Fishing Clash with all my heart, and I am deeply convinced it is the best fishing sports game on the market, offering immersive, fun events and new content that lets you wet your lines in the most beautiful fishing spots worldwide. At this point, I would love to introduce a new way of communicating with you all.

That said, I can see where we have let you down and you are disappointed with recent events in the game. Our players are at the core of Fishing Clash, and we have listened to your feedback and learned that we can, and should, create a better game experience that continues to challenge and engage you all. I feel it is crucial to address this feedback directly, as it is incredibly valued and never taken lightly.

Let’s cast into it, then.


●        We know that many of you feel that matchmaking is not creating a fair and competitive game experience. We understand and agree, and we are on it. We are doing our very best to actively iterate and improve this aspect of the game. We really want to deliver a great matchmaking experience where you feel the tension and excitement of facing competitive fishermen around the world. We are working on some changes so please bear with us as we continue to work on this, and will check in with you directly to see how we are doing in improving this important aspect of Fishing Clash.

Yelapa Fishery and our recent events

●        To our players who visited Yelapa fishery in the past week – we were very excited to bring you to this beautiful new fishing location. However, we acknowledge that the supporting events did not create an adequate experience to match it. A number of you gave us feedback that the milestones were very difficult to reach, even after dedicating a lot of time and resources to them, and we understand why that is discouraging. We want to reassure you that it wasn’t the intended experience, and so please accept our sincerest apologies. Moving forward, we will be closely evaluating all of our events to find the perfect balance for you, between challenging and rewarding.

Technical Stability

●        We know a number of our anglers are struggling with bugs and issues. Please know that we are dedicating time and effort to improve this experience for you. In the past couple of months, we have reduced loading time of the game by over 40%, and are committed to continuously improving the technical experience elsewhere. However, we know we have a long way to go.

The Future

●        Being new to the team, I can tell we have a passionate and dedicated community, and I am eager and committed to making this great game better. This letter is just the first step of improving communication with you all, and we will do this more regularly. For now, on top of trying to address the issues mentioned above to improve the core experience, we will continue to strive to deliver new and exciting ways to enjoy the game - either through fun events like the recent Chain event and Fishing Exchange, unique and exotic fisheries, and of course, new fish species, so that you can continue to enjoy a variety of compelling fishing experiences.

A special thank you to all the anglers that love Fishing Clash and have supported us through the years. Thank you for your support.

We will continue to strengthen our communication with you, and do our best to create a game you can enjoy for a long time. As always, we would love your feedback. Let us know the topics that are most important to you, and we will take it from there.