When changing the device or reinstalling the game, players are able to restore their saved game manually. This requires connecting through the option available in Settings, and should be done before changing the device or reinstallation. Further details on saving and restoring the game's progress on specific platforms can be located below:

If you did not save your game and lost the current progress, no need to worry! Your progress is safely backed up on the game's servers, and the Support Team will help in getting it back.

In such cases, please be sure to reach out to Support, but prepare the following details:
  • Your "old" ID (original account)
  • Your current ID (newly created account)
These IDs can be found in the Setting tab and with them, the Support Team will be able to restore your original account manually.

But what if you did not save your progress and you do not have the original account's ID? No worries! Remember: the account is still backed up on the game's servers! In such cases, please try to gather as many details from the following list and contact the Support Team with them:
  • If you've made any payments via Google Play on your original account, prepare a transaction ID - GPA.
  • Send us your in-game name
  • Let us know the name of your Clan
  • Try to remember your in-game level