Are you ready to become a Fishing Clash Legend? An angler of hymns, tales, and excited whispers - a person to which even the most fearsome sea creatures bow down? The path will not be trivial, but the prestige shall last forever!

If your inner Legend is waiting to be told, do your very best in the Duel rankings and accumulate as many Trophies as possible during the two-week-long Duel season.

Once the current Duel Season ends, anglers who have won more than 2500 Trophies will have them reset back to 2500 to start fresh. This is also the moment when Legendary Trophies are calculated for everyone to see on their Profiles.

The way to get Legendary Trophies is to end the season with more than 2500 Duel Trophies. Any surplus Trophies above 2500 are divided by 2 which results in the Legendary Trophies.

So, let's say you finished the season while having 2600 Duel Trophies. The number above the reset threshold (so 2500) is 100, which then is divided by 2, resulting in 50 Legendary Trophies. A pretty straightforward process, isn't it? Becoming a Legend is just that simple!

Currently, Fishing Clash does not offer any additional rewards for gaining Legendary Trophies, other than glory, prestige and some jealousy from other anglers. Who knows, perhaps in the future we will find benefits befitting a Legend such as yourself? For now, enjoy Duels and through them pave your way to becoming a Legendary Angler!