Conquering Duels not only allows you to get wondrous rewards, but also grants Fishing Clash anglers additional prestige in the form of Trophies!

Trophies, represented by golden cups, are ranking points in the Duel feature of the game. Of course, the more you have, the higher you climb in the ranking. Higher ranks yield better rewards for winning Duels, so it's always worthwhile to strive for the top positions! You may always check your current Trophy count in your Profile.

Duel enthusiasts beware! Ascending to higher counts of your Trophy ranking will also have you face fiercer opponents on your path! The more ranking points these anglers have, the higher their skill level, but the more rewarding it becomes to show them who's the Duel Master!

Additionally, keep in mind that the Trophies gained will not stay with you forever, since the echoes of victory are not set in stone.

Anglers will lose their ranking points if they lose a Duel or give it up. Additionally, every two weeks the current Duel ranking ends, so that players may start fresh in this competitive Fishing Clash feature. This is also the time to obtain some Legendary Trophies to show others that you're a true Duel Legend!