In Fishing Clash, rankings come in all shapes and forms. They allow anglers to align themselves with other members of the fishing community and see both how far they’ve already come and what lies ahead.

These various in-game standings can be checked from the main screen by using the RANKING button. Here, anglers will see four available ranking tabs:

✔ Power Score Ranking
✔ Duel Ranking
✔ Fish Ranking
✔ Clan Ranking

The Fish Ranking lists the biggest species caught at each fishery. The fish there are listed starting with the highest number of points an angler attained when catching them, and that top angler is also displayed in the Fish Ranking alongside their proud catch. Additionally, each fish species also has its own ranking accessible by selecting that particular fish.

Curious anglers may also check the fish rankings tied to a specific fishery by navigating to it through the fishery list. The fisheries are listed by the order they appear in-game, but it’s also possible to view those that are yet to be unlocked. At the very bottom of the fishery list, anglers are able to browse the all-time biggest specimens of previous Special Fish. Similarly, selecting one of these species will open its specific ranking, with anglers who have caught it in the past listed in descending order. Wow, quite a lot of history in these ranks!