Fishermen, Fisherwomen, Anglers, Mermaids, Leviathans, and everyone from across the entire spectrum of aquatic life, whether you fish, swim, float, or lurk beneath the deep waves of Fishing Clash: we have some exciting news for you! With nearly a THOUSAND types of fish, squid, manta rays, and other water creatures that can be caught in our game, it's a real challenge to get each and every one of them correct. Some names of these creatures were, indeed, incorrect. Oops... we're sorry! However, we know that with great numbers comes great responsibility, so we have worked hard to identify every species, and we dived deep in our aquatic life research to make sure they're all correct now. After all, we not only want Fishing Clash to be an enjoyable experience for our players but also an educational journey for new and seasoned Anglers alike! Just to let you know: the changes to the fish names won't affect your in-game achievements, collections of lures, rods, or any gear you've gathered so far. They're safe and sound, so no need to worry! The fish themselves are not only safe, but appropriately named now, so they can also catch a breath. Well, they would, but it's a bit difficult underwater! We hope Fishing Clash will remain an amazing and educational experience for all of you, both on land and sea! Tight lines!