Fishing Clash is constantly expanding and continuously exploring new fishing grounds. We introduce new functions, features, fish, and fisheries to provide a great fishing experience for our anglers. When we try new things, we always carefully consider how to introduce them to the game. As an angler patiently develops new techniques to humbly collect what the water has to offer, so do we work tirelessly to make Fishing Clash the most extraordinary angling experience. In the course of our efforts, we sometimes fail: that is true. Not all our ideas are state-of-the-art, and some must fall before they rise again. Sometimes we also need to check what works and what doesn't. As a result, our anglers may expect minor in-game differences. These may be especially noticeable before introducing a significant update to Fishing Clash.

An example is our Fishy Bank; as you probably remember, some anglers got to experience this feature a bit earlier than others. We needed to check if it worked as seamlessly as we expected. From time to time, we randomly select a group of players to whom specific features are made available. After a designated period, if everything works as intended, such new and exciting features become available for all our anglers to enjoy, without any differences. And don't worry! We always make sure that our game is well-balanced and that we do not give any advantages to any particular group of players. Please remember that your feedback regarding new features is always appreciated!