Even the best anglers may ponder about a fishing-related matter from time to time. If on your beautiful fishing journey you come across a quandary – be it as big as the ocean or as insignificant as a rivulet – do not hesitate to contact our Support Team!

To get in touch with us, simply go to the SETTINGS screen and tap HELP CENTER. Next, select the category that best matches the nature of your issue. You will be presented with a choice of articles that will hopefully clear up your doubts in a heartbeat. If they don’t, or if there’s something that you’d like to share, please utilise the Was it helpful question at the very bottom of the article, select NO and then CONTACT US. You will first reach our bot, which will ask you a few questions and potentially resolve your dilemma on the spot, or prepare you for a conversation with one of our agents.

To get the quickest assistance, please provide as many details regarding your problem as possible. Selecting the right category and providing your Player ID or nickname is a great start, but all relevant details are very helpful, so don’t forget to specify:

- payment details (in case you paid for some items but did not receive them)

- the time and date of the problem

- the name of the event (in case of an issue with an event)

- screenshots (which will help our agents to identify and confirm the issue).

After you provide these details, your query will be assigned to one of our agents, and you shall receive the required assistance.