There is nothing better than fishing trips with friends. That's why no one should be surprised that clans are one of the key elements of Fishing Clash. We want collaborative fishing to be as enjoyable as possible, so we've prepared an article that will dispel all your doubts concerning clans in Fishing Clash. We will discuss the individual roles of clan members and answer the most common questions about managing the clan. Sit back and enjoy the read. :)

MEMBER: This is a starter role in the clan and has only basic privileges. Can request and donate lures to other clan members.

ELDER: First level of promotion. Can remove and promote regular clan members, as well as accept or reject requests to join.

CO-LEADER: Second level of promotion. Like an Elder, this member can promote members and accept or reject requests to join. The Co-Leader also has additional powers, such as demoting and promoting Elders, changing the nationality of the clan, changing the number of cups required to join the clan, removing clan members, and changing the clan type from "open" to "by invitation", or vice versa. They can also edit the description and clan avatar.

LEADER: Has all the powers of a Co-Leader. In addition, they can appoint another member as a Leader.

If the LEADER leaves the clan and doesn't give their role to someone else before, the leader status goes to the oldest Co-Leader. If the clan has no Co-Leader, the eldest member with the longest seniority in the clan becomes the Leader. Similarly, if there is no Co-Leader or Elder in the clan, the member with the longest seniority becomes the Leader.

Now we've discussed all the available roles in the clan, let's move on to instructions on how to promote members. Remember that you can promote other clan members if you have at least the rank of Elder.

1. Click on the purple and blue clan icon in the middle of the main screen on the left side.

2. Click the clan settings icon, which looks like the letter "i" and is located at the very top of the sidebar on the left.

3. Scroll down to the clan member you wish to promote.

4. Click the name of the clan member you want to promote.

5. Above the clan member's name you will see three options: DEMOTE, DELETE, and PROMOTE.

6. If you wish to promote a member, select the "promote" option. The member will automatically be promoted to Elder.

We hope that this article has cleared up all your doubts about clans. We wish you successful fishing – tight lines!