The joy and warmth of summer. The colorfulness of fall. The tranquility of winter. The rebirth that comes with spring. Each season brings something new to the world and the beings which experience these changes. The very same concept inspired Seasonal Fisheries in Fishing Clash – it's the possibility to experience the very best in life.
Each new Season in Fishing Clash will open up fisheries otherwise accessible only to anglers with specific levels. This way, more of our anglers will be able to enjoy the beauty of these locations and the splendid array of fish that inhabit them.
Are you worried about losing access to seasonal fishery after the season ends? No need! Once you unlock a seasonal fishery, you have permanent access to it, regardless of your level. For example, a level 40 angler got access to the Mediterranean Sea. When the season ends, they will still have access to that fishery, even though they did not yet reach the required level (which for the Mediterranean Sea is 50).
Feel free to enjoy the different Seasons in Fishing Clash and the graceful locations they bring. Remember that although seasons change, their beauty always remains in an angler's heart.