Tight lines when bringing in your catch? Now, the tension increases, but so does your ability to reel in the biggest fish! With the introduction of Pro Lines, every angler becomes a real Pro! Hopefully, the fish are not frightened of your new-found angling talent. Don't worry, though. In Fishing Clash, the fish are always biting!

But enough of the chit-chat, let's dive deep into the most important questions (and answers!) about the Pro Lines feature!

What exactly do these Pro Lines do? Pro Lines increase your Combo points bonus when catching a specific fish. This means that, based on your angling performance while catching a fish, you'll get extra points added to your final score. The more you score, the greater the extra points bonus will be!

How to use Pro Lines? When Pro Lines are available, all you need to do is successfully catch a fish and your final score will increase. It's that easy! When the Pro Lines are available at the fishery, you'll see their indicator and available usage on the main screen, so be sure to use them to your angling advantage!

Is there a way to maximize the Pro Lines bonus? The best way to earn the most points when using Pro Lines is to land the highest possible Combo when fishing. With Pro Lines, you can even go beyond the regular Combo limits! So, a Combo over 100% is not a mathematical oddity, but a testament to your skills – you've managed to catch the fish to the best of your ability, and Pro Lines worked to your advantage! Getting the maximum Combo isn't an easy task, but it is worth it more than ever!

Can I toggle Pro Lines off, just like Power-Ups? No, if Pro Lines are available, they will always be used when catching a fish. However, they work differently from your regular Power-Ups, as these replenish on a daily basis.

Am I depleting my Pro Lines while using the Sonar Power-Up? No, Pro Lines are only used up when you successfully catch a fish or when the fish breaks your line and escapes while trying to reel it in. So, take your time when using Sonar, but once you've decided to reel in the biggest fish, be sure to catch it!

Do I need to pay to become a Pro with Pro Lines? Nope! Your Pro Lines refresh at no extra cost on a scheduled time frame, until their entire supply becomes full.

Is it possible to be matched with an angler who doesn't have access to the Pro Lines feature? No, there is no such possibility. We have made sure that all anglers who have access to the feature are able to compete against each other with the Pro Lines. No need to worry about anyone being at a disadvantage!

What is the infinite Pro Lines buff? How does it work? When you activate infinite Pro Lines, you will be able to use them endlessly within a specific time frame. This means that as long as the infinite buff is active, your Pro Lines will not be depleted, and you will continue receiving the Combo bonus for the increased fish score! Your angling opponents will surely tremble, but not all the time. Because where's the fun in that?