Fishermen, Fisherwomen, Anglers!

We have exciting news for you. You have repeatedly approached us with ideas for new locations you would like to visit in Fishing Clash. We consider each and every one of your suggestions, but one of them has come up quite often in your messages. As a result, we decided to introduce a new fishery as a replacement for Lake Baikal.

Say hello to Lake Baikal's little sister – Khuvsgul! At first glance, those two may have a lot in common, but appearances can be deceiving!

Before Baikal received to a well-earned retirement, it passed all of its knowledge to its sister. Therefore, every achievement gained on Lake Baikal and your entire progress on that fishery will be transfered to Khuvsgul.

Don't be put off by its icy waters, and give Khuvsgul a warm welcome to Fishing Clash!