Uncover the mystery and obtain rewards when catching the Mysterious Fish in Fishing Clash! Now, anglers passionate about solving mysteries are able to prove themselves and become detectives in their Fishing Clash adventure!

Fame? Sure! Fortune? Definitely! A license to solve real-life mysteries? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves! Instead, let's begin uncovering the mystery by turning to the most important aspect of a detective's life: research! Below, you'll find the details of our Mysterious Fish feature. Read into those clues to find out how to uncover the Mysterious Fish and get the best possible rewards for your mystery-solving efforts!

What is a Mysterious Fish?
The Mysterious Fish can be seen as a new fish rarity, but it's a pretty unique one, as each catch of the Mysterious Fish will yield you some useful rewards! Nobody knows what is the fish in question, not until its mystery becomes solved!

How to uncover the Mysterious Fish to catch it?
In order to reveal the Mysterious Fish, find out its identity and catch it for some goodies, you'll need to find some Mysterious Lures first. After collecting enough Mysterious Lures, you'll be able to uncover the fish in the lure album. Now, you'll be able to equip the Mysterious Fish and catch it. Each catch will get you some nice rewards, but there's more to it, and so our research continues!

How is the Mysterious Fish different from other fish?
Each successful catch of the Mysterious Fish gets you a random reward, based on how big your fish is. There's no fish like it in the Fishing Clash adventure! Additionally, the Mysterious Fish cannot be upgraded or leveled up, so anglers will need to strategize while attempting to catch it. Why? Because the bigger the fish, the higher chance of getting even better rewards! Planning is important, since each catch depletes the Mystery Lures collected so far. But, no need to worry about the Mysterious Fish becoming a mystery again! Once uncovered, it will stay that way, allowing anglers to continue catching it after collecting even more Mysterious Lures!

How to catch the biggest Mysterious Fish, then?
Our detective research indicates that a Mysterious Fish cannot be upgraded and leveled up. Furthermore, there are no Skill Tree perks or License bonuses for it. We also know that the bigger the catch, the better the potential rewards. So, how to make your Mysterious Fish catches count? What affects the size of your catch are the Power-Ups and unique rods prepared for the Mysterious Fish. The latter can be obtained throughout the related Event, but it won't be possible to build your own rod for that purpose. Since each catch uses up the Mysterious Lure, it's best to make sure the one you'll land will be of great size! Well... If only there was a way to see the upcoming result prior to hooking the fish! Maybe some pro angling detectives will figure this one out?

Where do you find the Mysterious Lures?
Since uncovering the mystery takes a few lures and each catch is rewarded with something useful, it's best to collect as many Mysterious Lures as possible! Anglers have a chance of obtaining a new Mysterious Lure with each opened Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Giant Packs. These packs push our angling detectives closer to the truth, so more valuable packs have a greater chance of obtaining new Mysterious Lures!

Does uncovering the Mysterious Fish uses up the Lures already collected?
No! If a Mysterious Fish requires three Mysterious Lures to uncover it, the angler-detective will get three chances to catch the Mysterious Fish after solving its mystery. Of course, any additional Mystery Lures obtained will allow anglers to catch it again for a new reward opportunity!

Is it possible to fight over the Mysterious Fish in competitive fishing modes, like Duels or Battles?
No. It's only possible to catch the Mysterious Fish through regular fishing, by selecting it from your lure album. Detective work requires peace and quiet, after all!