Have you ever dreamt of catching a huge fish? A fish so big that it could potentially secure your victory in various competitions? Well, now your angling dream is coming true, so it's time to wake up and grab your rod! With the Dream Fishing feature, all your angling dreams may just become reality!

What is Dream Fishing, exactly?
Dream Fishing is a random chance to increase the size of the fish you catch! When it appears, the fish in question may just be the biggest one yet! Whether for your personal records or to beat your angling opponents, catching such a fish is always worth your time and effort!

How will I know Dream Fishing is activated?
Dream Fishing becomes visible on your screen just before catching such a giant fish. It's indicated with a quick, flashy animation with the Dream Fishing icon: two branches with leaves. When using the Sonar Power-Up, you will see the score's background highlighted. It's best not to skip such a fish, as its score will be significantly increased!

Can Dream Fishing occur at all fisheries and for all fish?
Yes and yes! The location doesn't matter, nor does the fish! Dream Fishing is just that useful and helpful! The only exception, however, are the Boss fish, which also appear randomly. Why? Well, catching a Boss is a big event on its own, no need to make it even more dreamy!

Are you sure Dream Fishing is working on my account? I've never seen it!
There could be a few reasons for this. You may have skipped the fish when Dream Fishing was triggered in-game, oops! It's easy to do that in the heat of your fishing adventure, especially when using the Sonar. Be sure to pay attention to what is happening on-screen, and look for the score's background being highlighted.
Another reason for doubting the existence of Dream Fishing could be the slim chances of it happening. After all, dreams don't come true all the time! But with enough patience and a careful eye, you will eventually see Dream Fishing happening on your account, too! When it does, the score of your fish will speak for itself!

So, you're telling me there's a chance?
Yes, there is a chance! Not a very big one, but there is a chance of Dream Fishing being triggered during your fishing, so just keep at it!

Is there a way to increase the chance of Dream Fishing?
Yes, there is! To increase the probability of encountering Dream Fishing, you will need to have the best rod possible, and Supercharge it using another rod that you no longer need. Consuming such a rod will significantly increase the chance of Dream Fishing happening during fishing for a set period of time. This ability is called "Supercharge" and further details on how to Supercharge your rod can be found on the Supercharge FAQ page.