Do you need some extra points for a specific fish to complete an Event? Perhaps you have a few hours to spare and expect the fishing results to be as good as possible? If so, be sure to learn about the Supercharge feature below and temporarily change your best rod into an absolute powerhouse!

What happens when I activate Supercharge on a rod?
Supercharging a rod increases its chances of triggering Dream Fishing. When Dream Fishing occurs, the size and score of the fish you'll catch might be the biggest one up to date! Anglers interested in the Dream Fishing feature may read about it on its dedicated FAQ page. Know this, however: it's dreamy and it's worth it!

How do I Supercharge my rod?
To Supercharge your rod, enter the "Gear" section in-game and find your level 7☆ rod. Select it, and find the "SUPERCHARGE" button just below the rod's visual representation. After selecting it, you will need to choose a different rod from your inventory; any level 5☆, 6☆ or 7☆ rod will make for good Supercharge material! Once selected and confirmed, you will see the Supercharge animation. Now, your 7☆ rod will be Supercharged for the next six hours and its Dream Fishing chance will increase!

How do I know that my rod is still Supercharged?
A Supercharged rod will have a timer visible, replacing the "SUPERCHARGE" button. The Dream Fishing icon next to your rod, represented by two branches with leaves, will also be highlighted. Remember that Supercharging a rod doesn't last forever, so after you've done so, it's fishing time!

Does the level of the rod I use for the Supercharge material matter?
Yes, it does! Rods with higher levels will further increase the chances of Dream Fishing occurring while you cast your Supercharged rod. All usable rods (those which have levels 5☆, 6☆, or 7☆) have a different effect on the rod you're about to Supercharge, but all of them will enable this state for a duration of 6 hours, both in-game and real-time. These effects are visible below:
• Using a 5☆ rod for Supercharge will increase the Dream Fishing chance 40 times
• Using a 6☆ rod for Supercharge will increase the Dream Fishing chance 80 times
• Using a 7☆ rod for Supercharge will increase the Dream Fishing chance 160 times
Due to the effects shown here, it's best to use a level 7☆ rod (that you no longer need) to Supercharge your preferred 7☆ rod and trigger Dream Fishing, since it grants the most significant increase to the Dream Fishing chance. Other rods work too, but are not as effective!

Does the rod I use for the Supercharge material return once the effect ends?
No, it does not. It's also not possible to cancel Supercharge once activated to get the rod back. It's best to carefully consider which rod you want to consume for the Supercharge!

I want to Supercharge my 7☆ rod, but the 5☆ I want to use isn't available. Why is that?
It's possible that you cannot select that rod due to it either being locked or "IN USE", or maybe even both! Please make sure to unlock the rod that you wish to use as Supercharge material, and unassign any fish from that specific rod. Rods available to be consumed as your Supercharge material should be visible in the "NOT IN USE" section and won't have the lock icon on them.

Oh no, I've used the wrong rod as my Supercharge material! Can I get it back?
Ouch, sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, once a rod has been used in such a way or consumed as upgrade material, it's not possible to retrieve it. Please be extra cautious with your rods, and be sure to lock those you need for any of your angling needs!