In a long-forgotten world, in a time when magic and reality coexisted, ancient anglers were able to cast spells and enchantments on their gear. By doing so, they achieved new fishing scores and were admired by their angling communities for centuries to come! Now, regardless of whether you believe in this story or not, you, too, can take advantage of some powerful magic in Fishing Clash! We're bestowing our anglers with a selection of Magic Items that can elevate your angling abilities to new heights!
Be sure to read this ancient scroll, or, well… our modern Q&A, to know more about the power of Magic Items!

So, what are these Magic Items?
Magic Items serve a few purposes, but their main one is to upgrade your lures in ways never seen before! Depending on the Magic Item you're dealing with, you may expect a specific lure's card number to increase, or an entire lure to level up, just like that! Some Magic Items also allow you to make such an upgrade without spending any Coins!

What are the specific Magic Items, and how do they work?
We have a total of three different Magic Items for our magicians… um, anglers, to choose from.
☆ Magic Lure ☆
Magic Lures can be exchanged for a certain number of eligible lure cards. Using these will get you even closer to upgrading your lure!
★ Magic Pack ★
Magic Packs add all the remaining lure cards needed to level up a lure. Now, you just need to cover the upgrade cost with Coins to level it up!
✮ Ultra Magic Pack ✮
Ultra Magic Packs allow you to instantly upgrade a specific lure. The pack will add the remaining lure cards needed for the upgrade and cover the Coin costs for you! Voilà, your lure is leveled up, just like that! Ultra Magical, isn't it?

Do these Magic Items have any limitations?
Since magic is so powerful, our Fishing Clash magicians have set a few limitations on where and how the items can be used. These restrictions are usually connected with fish rarity and the fishery where a Magic Item can be used. During your angling adventure, you might find a Magic Lure that can only be used for rare fish in Florida. This means that the Magic Lure can only be used on rare Florida fish and nowhere else!

What if I don't have any lures eligible for the upgrade?
If something like this occurs, magic will happen! The game will look for the best alternative for your Magic Item to be used, either by looking at a different fishery or fish rarity, so that you may use that specific Magic Item for your angling benefit! If all this fails, however, you will be compensated with a pack of random lures instead. Still, fret not: this shouldn't happen too often!

I want to use my Magic Item on a lure I've never unlocked and it's not allowing me to do that! Why?
All magic works in mysterious ways. The Fishing Clash Magic Items need a source of magic, so that they may grow even greater in power! This means Magic Items are only usable on lures you've obtained in your lure collection!

How do I save my Magic Item for later use? I… I have some plans.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to save a Magic Item for later use. To avoid breaking the magical angling continuum, anglers will need to make their decisions regarding the use of Magic Items immediately after obtaining them!

These Magic Items are great! I need more, MORE! How do I get more?!
We're happy to hear that you're enjoying the benefits which Magic Items offer in terms of your angling progression! Please remember to use these Magic Items wisely and not to zap any other anglers with powerful spells! As for obtaining more Magic Items, since they're extremely useful, please be sure to check Event rewards or the in-game shop to find them. Please note, however, that they may not appear in-game all the time, so some patience is required! Also, please try not to create your own Magic Items using alchemy. The results can be… unexpected.