Grab your rods, anglers! This isn't a drill! The most powerful bosses are appearing in Fishing Clash and your skills are needed to fight them off! You will be greatly rewarded for clashing with them… If you manage to endure! Time to begin Boss Hunt!

What is Boss Hunt?
Boss Hunt is a feature dedicated to catching boss fish and boss fish only! Anglers may expect fierce battles which require skill, agility, and a strong will! The bosses may become tougher as you progress further, but the rewards also get better! It's really worth showing these bosses who's the boss around these parts!

How to access Boss Hunt?
When Boss Hunt is available to play, anglers may simply reach it through the main screen of the game or the "Events" tab.

What are Tickets?
Tickets are needed to take part in the hunt, but also to potentially increase your final score after a boss fight, which, in turn, allows you to progress faster. Anglers may bet more tickets to increase their scores and Boss Hunt progression.

What is Boss Pass?
Boss Pass is a way to receive additional, Premium, rewards and quicken the Boss Hunt progression even more. The additional rewards are only available after getting Boss Pass through the dedicated tab in the Boss Hunt feature. If an angler progresses further and decides to buy Boss Pass at a later time, the extra rewards for the earlier progress will be added immediately, so it's always worth to consider getting Boss Pass!

What is the Boss Hunt Collection?
The Boss Hunt Collection is a treat to all those anglers who wish to see their progress being completed one boss after another! Collectors may check how many Bosses they still need to catch toward a specific set and when they do complete it, grab some awesome rewards and celebrate like a boss! Additionally, the Collection has some awesome emojis in store!:) ;) :D

How to access the Boss Hunt Collection?
These collections can be accessed directly through the Boss Hunt menu, but also from the player's Profile and the Progress tab. In the Profile's Progress tab, anglers also need to select "Boss Collections" to see how many Bosses they have already hunted. Finally, it is also possible to quickly check the Boss Collection through the Settings menu on the upper right side of the main screen.

What's the "Epic!" Collection?
Within the entire Collection book, anglers may notice one which is unique in terms of Boss fish available and the obtainable prizes. These Bosses are special and rare encounters, and this particular Collection set can only be completed when finding these species, which normally won't appear in the regular Boss Hunt progress. The fish from this set appear randomly, while hunting bosses, but the probability of fighting them can be increased by betting more tickets or while fighting Unexpected Bosses.

What happens when I finish the Boss Hunt progress?
First, congratulations, Boss Slayer! After getting to the end of the regular Boss Hunt progress, anglers will be able to continue their efforts and encounter Unexpected Bosses for some additional challenge and fun! Here, the chances of encountering Epic bosses increase even more!

Are the fishery bosses somehow connected with the Boss Hunt ones?
Yes and no! You may find some familiar fish in the Boss Hunt; however, the collection and progress of your fishery bosses is not the same as the Boss Hunt ones. Still, even as a seasoned angler you will find some interesting species in the Boss Hunt, so be sure to try out your fishing skills with them!