A certain uncle once said that "with great power comes a great fishing ability"* and it's our responsibility in Fishing Clash to make that happen! (*it's possible these were not his exact words)
Since developing one's fishing skills is key, we have found a way to make it easier for our anglers to upgrade them and earn some additional profits for their hard work! This collective skill is represented with the angler's Power. Power in Fishing Clash takes into account all the possible upgrades available in-game and expresses them with a specific number. This allows anglers to decide what to work on next and, in return, catch bigger fish!

You will notice each angler's Power visible in rankings and profiles, but what does it mean exactly? What are the benefits of increasing your Power? We have compiled the most important questions (and answers!) below, so let's get started, since knowledge is Power, too!

What is my Power, exactly?
Your Power consists of your Lures, Rods, Skills, Licenses, Star Meter, and the current number of Trophies.

How do I get more Power?
Your Power increases with making upgrades to anything fishing-related! Upgrading a Lure, getting a new Skill or Rod, acquiring a better License or Rod bonus, or even winning a Duel and getting a greater number of Trophies – all of that may affect your current Power!

Where can I see my Power?
Your current Power is visible in rankings and your Profile. To view the Power menu, just click on that number! You'll be able to decide what to work on next from here and what the current bonuses you're getting thanks to the Power you have right now are!

Does increasing my Power have any benefits?
Yes, it does! Your total amount of Power increases three specific abilities:
- The fishing speed
- The chance of Dream Fishing
- The fishing score when landing a perfect Combo Bonus

What do the Trophies do? There's no Power amount next to them!
Trophies play a special role in the gathering of Power in Fishing Clash. They affect the total amount of an angler's Power by a specific percent! This means that getting more Trophies will greatly affect your current Power! Losing a Duel will decrease it, so it's best to pay extra attention to Duels and their outcome!

I made an upgrade and my Power dropped!
Some actions, like assigning a rod toward catching specific fish, may decrease your Power, but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing them! Sometimes you need to make a small sacrifice and decide to use the best rod or bonus toward a specific fishing scenario. Don't worry though! Slight fluctuations of Power are not the end of the world; it just may pay off to try something new!

I needed to change my bonus for a different one and my Power has decreased. Is this an error?
No, this could happen! Remember, Power is just a number and nothing will beat your angling experience! The Power may consider a rare fish bonus of more value than that of a common fish, but it doesn't take into account your specific needs toward a competition or an Event. It's worth to trust your experience, instinct, and needs!

In the ranking, I see someone with greater Power… I won't be able to beat them!
Not necessarily! Remember, Power is just a number, not a definite variable of an angler's ability to win! The angler in your ranking could have developed their Florida fishery best, but won't be so powerful at the Kenai fishery! Power is all their upgrades together, and this doesn't mean you don't stand a chance against them!

I have a suggestion on how to improve Power or an idea about a new bonus it could bring!
Great! Any such feedback is always welcome, so don't hesitate to reach out! Power and what it affects will be improved over time as we collect your feedback and look at the data. We might also move some things around to check which approach works best, so don't worry if we dabble after we release the Power feature! If we want to try any notable approaches, anglers will always be matched on the basis of the game version so that our tests don't affect your fishing experience in different competitions!