We all know that when it's time for fishing, we're in for a good time. But what do you do when the clock is ticking and your angling opponents are catching up to your score? When there are seconds left in a competition and you're close to winning? It's best to beat the clock and your rivals along with it by catching a fish. Multiple fish, preferably, to ensure that the victory is yours!
Multifishing, a new tool in the hands of our anglers, can help with those tight spots when time is really of the essence!

How does it work? When to utilize it best? We have multiple questions and just as many answers about Multifishing!

What is Multifishing?
Multifishing is a tool allowing anglers to catch a few fish at the same time. When using it, anglers maximize their chances of landing that last, record-breaking fish and securing a victory.

When is it most useful?
In any angling situations that need extra focus! Some anglers will prefer to use Multifishing at the beginning of their competitions to secure their position sooner than their rivals, and others may select it as a last resort in those precious few minutes left, right before the fishing time ends.

How many fish can I catch at the same time with Multifishing?
This depends on your decision, preference, and the currently unlocked VIP level in-game. Multifishing will enable catching two, three, five, and ten fish at the same time, based on your current possibilities and needs! The number of fish can be changed with the Multifishing button itself, but remember, it will depend on your VIP level!

Where can I find the Multifishing option?
After unlocking it, it will appear next to your casting button on the game's main screen!

Can I use Power-Ups with Multifishing?
Yes! In fact, Multifishing can only be activated when using all the Power-Ups available in-game at the same time. The Multifishing technique requires anglers to be at the very best of their game, not only to increase the number of fish caught, but also their scores!

What VIP level do I need to attain to use it?
Multifishing becomes available beginning at VIP level 5, and its fishing capacity becomes further increased with next VIP levels:

VIP level 5 – x2 Multifishing catches
VIP level 6 – x3 Multifishing catches
VIP level 8 – x5 Multifishing catches
VIP level 10 – x10 Multifishing catches
VIP Anglers who reach these next levels will be able to toggle the number of fish they wish to catch per one Multifishing cast and adjust it to their current needs.