The Fishing Village is a useful mode in the Fishing Clash world which allows anglers to obtain free resources such as Power-Ups, and create baits to catch special Fish Variants. Not only can you grab these items in the process of building and expanding your Village, you also have a place to call home within the world of Fishing Clash!

How to access the Fishing Village?
Your Fishing Village can be reached through the game's main screen, just next to your Profile icon. By hitting the upper left corner, you can travel between your current fishery and the Fishing Village. No traveling time or expenses needed!

Remember that you won't have access to your Fishing Village from the beginning of the game. If it's not available for you just yet, keep on fishing and obtaining experience! No need to rush! Your own little corner of the world is patiently awaiting your arrival.

I need some materials, but I don't have the buildings to make them! What should I do?
At the beginning of your stay in the Fishing Village, you may lack some essential resources, but not to worry! The ones you're missing can be obtained through Village-related tasks, such as getting enough Wood or Clay, or even upgrading The Lodge to a specific level. Remember, you may expand the list of these tasks in the bottom-left corner of the Fishing Village screen.

One of the tasks needs me to obtain and use bait. How do I get some?
Base Bait can be produced in the Workshop. You will need a specific amount of Grain and Fish Parts to make these, and that's where the Grain Farm and Fish Hub come into play! Once you obtain your Base Bait, head over to the Bait Lab and experiment to craft various Pro Baits, which you can then equip and use during fishing!

If you have any additional questions, be sure to check the "Fishing Village: tips, tricks, and questions" article for some in-depth guides about your Village!