Expanding your Fishing Village may seem complex at first, but in time, you'll have a steady supply of materials for further building, as well as crafting Power-Ups and Pro Baits, which help with catching Fish Variants.
Don't be a waiter!
If upgrading a building takes a while, and you don't want to wait, remember you may spend Pearls to skip the waiting time!
Out of Wood or Clay, but need to build?
Wood and Clay are extracted, collected, and stored in the Lumberyard and the Clay Pit, but sometimes you may need more than you currently have. If you find yourself in dire need of Wood or Clay to make an upgrade and don't have enough, you will be able to purchase these materials for Pearls! Just try to upgrade, and the game will ask if you wish to obtain these from other suppliers.
Not enough Planks or Bricks?
Remember that Planks and Bricks can be obtained through certain Village-related tasks which can be found in the bottom-left corner of your Fishing Village screen. If these are not enough for your building needs, head over to the Workshop and produce some in exchange for Wood and Clay!
Do you need more Power? Upgrade a building or two.
Did you know that some buildings provide you with extra Power when upgrading them? If there's a task available to gain Power, you can go to your Fishing Village and make some upgrades.
Want to increase building or production speed? Grab a book!
Don't forget that knowledge is power, and there's nothing more powerful than a good book! Build and visit your Library to quicken various builds, expand the production capacity of specific buildings, or even figure out how to make a better Bait Lab.