A village without buildings is just a field, so the Fishing Village introduces some interesting buildings for the purpose of expanding your angling repertoire! You have a home in the Fishing Village, sure, but your main hobby is fishing, after all, so each of these buildings serves that purpose. An angler can't just stay at home all the time!

Being able to produce materials is one thing, but we all want to get better at fishing, so be sure to check out the building descriptions below to learn more about them. Free Power-Ups, and 14★ and 15★ Fish Variants await you on your Fishing Village journey! Let's start with the main building…

Your Lodge is the main building, the first one you'll create in the place you'll call home. The Lodge itself increases the number of possible upgrades to other buildings in your Village.
Fishing Village - Lodge

The Lumberyard allows you to gather and store Wood, a material essential in building and expanding your Village. Raw Wood can be turned into Planks for specific builds or upgrades in the Workshop.
Fishing Village - Lumberyard

Clay Pit
The Clay Pit is needed to collect and store Clay, another crucial building block of your Village. Clay can be turned into Bricks in the Workshop.
Fishing Village - Clay Pit

The Workshop is designed to craft Base Baits, turn Wood into Planks, and Clay into Bricks. As this building expands, it will also allow anglers to create free Power-Ups which will only require time as a resource!
Fishing Village - Workshop

Bait Lab
The Bait Lab is perhaps one of the most important buildings for any angler! Here, it's possible to create various types of Pro Baits which greatly increase the probability of catching Fish Variants. Anglers are also able to equip the Pro Baits created here and return to the fisheries to try them out!
Fishing Village - Bait Lab

Grain Farm
The Grain Farm allows anglers to farm, collect, and store Grain. This particular material is required to create Base Baits in the Workshop, which later are turned into Pro Baits in the Bait Lab.
Fishing Village - Grain Farm

Fish Hub
The Fish Hub makes Fish Parts, a material essential in making Base Baits in the Workshop. Increasing the level of this building allows the process to be quicker and enables more Fish Parts to be stored.
Fishing Village - Fish Hub

The Library is a place of knowledge and potential in the Fishing Village. Visiting it will allow anglers to make various upgrades toward the Village as a whole. These include building and production speed increases, creating advanced versions of certain buildings, and increasing the power of the Bait Lab. You'll also be able to learn how to increase the size of your Bait Bag and store more Pro Baits! Looks like knowledge is power after all!
Fishing Village - Library