With the arrival of the Fishing Village, certain fish of different rarities have increased their potential, allowing enthusiastic anglers to catch 14★ and 15★ versions! In order to catch these Fish Variants with greater ease, anglers should craft Pro Baits in the Bait Lab, equip those and activate them. Pro Baits have a time limit, so once they're active, it's fishing time!

Fish Variants are marked with a special symbol on their cards in the Lure Album and can be found all across the available fish rarities. As a result, anglers can craft Pro Baits of the respective rarities and use them at their available fisheries.

Remember, anglers: catching those record-breaking 14★ or 15★ fish requires hard work, dedication, and skill, so it should be seen as a challenge for the most ambitious anglers seeking fame and glory! However! Even if you're not attempting to break records, it's still worth trying to catch a Fish Variant, since landing an Uncommon Variant adds one star to the value it would otherwise have, and catching an Elite Variant increases its star count by two!

How do I obtain Pro Baits?
Pro Baits can be crafted in the Bait Lab, one of the Fishing Village buildings. In order to produce Pro Baits, anglers first need to create the Basic Bait in the Workshop. This is crafted using Grain and Fish Parts, obtainable from the Grain Farm and Fish Hub, respectively. Basic Bait can also be acquired as a reward from Village-related tasks and through the in-game shop.

How to create Pro Baits?

What are the stars visible on the Pro Baits?
Pro Baits come in different rarities connected to the Fish Variants they're used for. When experimenting in your Bait Lab to obtain your Pro Baits, you will notice that they appear with stars. The more stars your Pro Bait has, the higher the chances of landing a Fish Variant with it!

I wanted to grab two Pro Baits in one Bait Lab experiment, but I couldn't!
Make sure your currently crafted Pro Baits don't exceed your Lab Power! Each experimental Pro Bait has a number on it, showing how much Lab Power is needed to put it into your Bait Bag, so sometimes grabbing two from one experiment won't be possible! Not to worry, though! The scientists in your Bait Lab are eagerly waiting to experiment again and provide you with new Pro Baits tailored to your fishing needs. Additionally, be sure to check what your Bait Bag is currently holding and if you have enough room for new ones. You may remove the current Baits from your Bait Bag upon creating new ones; this way you have full control over the Baits you bring out to the fisheries!