Fishing Clash isn't just about catching various fish from all over the world: often it's the prizes that matter most! Fierce competition is greatly rewarded and, in this spirit, diverse and interesting Events are a way to make every cast of the rod part of the excitement!

Events in Fishing Clash are as varied as can be. Some focus on cooperation, others on fierce rivalry, and then there are those that ask anglers to take care of their fishing gear in order to progress further and win prizes. Since every angler's experience is different, the creators of Fishing Clash Events wish to cater to our players' needs and allow them to decide what they need most during their fishing adventure. This is where various event currencies come into play.

Some Events offer their special currencies as rewards, which anglers can exchange for prizes of their choice. Since it differs from Event to Event, let's cover some basic questions to assist any angler who's ready to cash in their event currency for a prize or two!

Where can I check how much event currency I've earned so far?
Your collected event currency can usually be checked at the top of your screen when entering the in-game shop or the Event Market.

I've earned some currency, but I don't know where to exchange it for prizes!
There's usually a limit to how many prizes you can grab during an Event, but if you haven't claimed all the current prizes, try the in-game shop first. For some Events, the shop holds a variety of packs or "chain offers," meaning goodies which get better with every one you claim! In other cases, Events may feature a special Event Market, catering to every angler's taste and preference!

Where do I find the special Event Market?
Be sure to check the currently ongoing Events. Longer Events may sometimes consist of several small ones throughout their duration, but one of them will have a tab called "EVENT MARKET" in it. Once selected, it will take you to the special Event Market, where you're able to exchange your precious currency for even more precious prizes!

Event currency tip!
Since some Events may seem complex at first glance, the Fishing Clash team usually sends an inbox message about them. Be sure to check your inbox to learn about a specific Event, or ways to exchange event currencies for rewards!

I forgot to exchange my event currency for prizes! What should I do?
When you're in the middle of competitions and out at some faraway fishery, you may sometimes lose track of time and forget to trade in your currency for prizes. Keep in mind that it's best to spend your currency while the Event in question is still taking place! There's no guarantee you'll be able to grab these exchangeable prizes after the Event ends, so it's best to use the currency while it lasts and while the rewards are still fresh!

I didn't trade in my currency in hopes of the Event coming back later. When will it take place again?
Although hope is a crucial component of an angler's daily life, when it comes to Events and their special currencies, it's best to live in the moment. Various Events are not guaranteed to appear again, since we always want to provide an exciting experience for our anglers. If there's event currency to be spent, it's wise to exchange it for a prize while the Event is still taking place!