Every one of us has probably found ourselves in a situation at some point where, despite repeated attempts, we've missed the bonus of our dreams. That's where vouchers come in! Vouchers make earning the bonus of your dreams much easier.

What are vouchers?
Vouchers are like special gift cards that allow you to draw bonuses on licenses. Some vouchers are universal, while others work in a specific fishery where you can exchange them for a bonus of a particular rarity or for a specific fish.

Do vouchers have a minimum guaranteed value?
Some of them have a guaranteed minimum weight bonus.

Can a voucher be exchanged?
No, vouchers may not be exchanged.

Are license vouchers time-limited?
Yes, so make sure you use them before they expire! You can check out how long your voucher is valid for by tapping on its icon.

Where can I get license vouchers?
You can get vouchers during events, in the shop, or as rewards.

How do I use a license voucher?
Select a license and slot, tap DRAW, and then select a voucher.

Why can't I use my voucher?
No worries! There are two possible reasons why this might happen:
1. The fishery or fish has not yet been unlocked.
2. You've reached the maximum number of slots for a given rarity on a license.