Supercharge is well-known to anyone playing Fishing Clash. It has certainly helped us break a few records! Sometimes, however, there are no rods in our possession that we are prepared to part with… but what if we didn't have to? Say hello to supercharge vouchers!

What are supercharge vouchers?
Supercharge vouchers allow you to supercharge your level 7 rod without having to give up any other rods.
Are supercharge vouchers time-limited?
Yes, so remember to use them before they expire! You can check how long a voucher is valid for by tapping on its icon.
Why can't I use my supercharge voucher?
No worries! There are two possible reasons:
  1. You can only use your voucher on a specific fishery. In this situation, change fisheries in the top left corner.
  2. Supercharge is only available for level 7 rods, in which case try to upgrade your chosen rod or choose a different one.