The ever-expanding Fishing Village brims with potential for all anglers willing to build and grow their very own place in the world. While shaping their Villages, anglers may come across Base Bait. This item has a vast upgrade potential and may become a much-needed tool in catching specific fish! With Base Bait at their disposal, anglers should visit the Bait Machine to transform it into various Pro Baits usable for fish of different rarities. Additionally, anglers are able to find multiple Slot Machines that can yield incredible rewards whenever they’re available at specific Events! So, let’s use the knowledge machine and grab its best prize: information!

Why do I need Pro Baits?
Pro Baits are used for catching unique Fish Variants. Each Fish Variant caught increases the Combo bar during fishing, which can potentially land you a fish with more points than its regular form! The most effective method of landing these fish is using a Pro Bait specific to their rarity.

How do I turn my Base Bait into Pro Baits?
If you have some Base Bait, visit the Slot Machines from the main in-game screen. Here, find the Bait Machine and spin to transform your Base Bait into various Pro Baits. If you own plenty of Base Bait, you can increase your bet and quicken the process. Additionally, multiple uses of the Bait Machine are tallied up, and after reaching a certain amount, you’ll receive an extra prize!

How do I catch Fish Variants?
With your Pro Bait ready, you’re able to equip it, similarly to other in-game Power-Ups, and head out to fish! Remember that the rarity of the Fish Variant you’re after should match the Pro Bait you’re using, and that selecting a better bait increases your chances of rare Variants. Casting your rod and using the Sonar with the Pro Bait selected will consume the bait! As a result, it’s best to prepare as many Pro Baits as you need! After all, those larger Fish Variants carrying extra points sure get hungry!

What are the Slot Machines?
The Slot Machines work similarly to the Bait Machine; however, instead of bait, you will earn other prizes helpful in your fishing adventure. These awesome goodies are connected to ongoing Events that change over time, similar to the Slot Machines themselves, so it’s worth checking them out from time to time and seeing how to enhance your fishing abilities!

What prizes do I get from the Slot Machine?
Each spin is a guaranteed prize, but the items you’re rewarded with may vary! Lining up three of the same icon will earn you the biggest prize! If luck isn’t on your side when spinning and you see three different items, you will either get one of them, or a surprise reward! The Slot Machines also grant you points with each spin, and filling out the bar at the top of the Slot Machine will award you a unique extra prize! It’s worth it to keep trying your luck!