The Clans are ready, and we can see their excitement slowly turning into focus… Anglers have prepared their gear in advance, and now they’re discussing tactics. Each leader seems to be sure of their Clan’s victory, but to prevail, they’ll need more than just confidence! Ladies and gentlemen, fishing enthusiasts young and old… Let the Clan Games begin!
Clan Games bring even more thrill, rivalry, and prizes to Clan Matches in Fishing Clash, expanding on the Clan Match Seasons and Leagues format. Here, anglers bursting with ambition will find what they treasure most: fierce competition, excellent sportsmanship, and incredible prizes! Some will even become Champions and earn the chance to face the very best of their peers! Will the Clan Games elevate your Clan to the next League, or perhaps push it down? There’s only one way to find out!
So, what are the Clan Games?
Clan Games are a new and exciting take on the Clan Match competitions. Through them, Clans may be promoted, demoted, or stay in their Leagues. The higher the League, the better the prizes, but also the more demanding the opponents! Clan Games are split into two stages: Qualification and Finals. After the Qualification, Clans either join the Master Group or the Relegation Group for the Finals, where they battle to become promoted or demoted from their Leagues, respectively. Of course, not all Clans will enter the next League or drop to the lower one, as most Clans will do their best to maintain their current position in their current League!
How do we enter the Master or Relegation groups during the Qualification?
By winning Clan Matches, of course! During the Qualification, each victorious Clan is awarded a cup, symbolizing their win. Clans with the most wins and total points land in the Master group, where they’ll fight for promotion to a higher League. Clans that end in the Relegation group must be wary of their performance in the Finals! If they don’t improve, they may drop back down to the League they’ve worked so hard to advance from!
Who are the Champions?
The Champions are selected Clan members who score the most total points during the Qualification phase of the Clan Games. These top-notch anglers gain access to exclusive special tasks during the Finals and, in completing them, are able to score extra points for their Clans and grab some fantastic prizes at the same time!
Anything the upcoming Champions need to consider?
Outside of fame, glory, and the adoration of their Clan buddies? Yes! While attempting to become the Champion during Qualification, it’s best to stick with your Clan, not leave it! Leaving the Clan during this phase will make you lose all the points connected to the upcoming Champion selection and the Champion ranking. Should you leave the Clan already after becoming a Champion, you will still be visible as one for the duration of those Clan Games, but you won’t be able to assist your Clan in the unique position anymore! To make it as simple as possible: it’s crucial to be loyal to your Clan while the Clan Games are ongoing!