Save and gain with each purchase to enhance your Fishing Clash experience like never before (while spending less)! With Fish Bucks, it's easy, simple, and, most importantly, amazingly affordable!
Let's take a moment to learn about this incredible currency and all of its benefits!

What are Fish Bucks?
Simply put, Fish Bucks are a new Fishing Clash currency that turns every purchase into a rewarding experience. Anything purchased with Fish Bucks is just pure value, since you pay less than you would with regular cash, while still getting the same items! One Fish Buck is worth one US dollar, but you're better off exchanging that dollar for a Fish Buck!

How to get Fish Bucks?
Head to the TSG.STORE (or to the in-game shop) to buy Fish Bucks for less than one USD per one Fish Buck. Right after purchase, you’ll see them along with other event currencies directly in your account in the game.

What can I get with Fish Bucks?
Anything you want! When you accumulate Fish Bucks on your account, you'll see that some in-game prices change from regular cash to Fish Bucks. Buying any offer using Fish Bucks gives you more value for your money – it's not just simple, it's truly more bang for your buck!

Can Fish Bucks expire like other Event currencies?
No, they don't expire! Since Fish Bucks aren't an Event-related currency, they don't have a shelf life or expiry date! Once you obtain your Fish Bucks, you're free to take your time and decide what to get with them. Still, don't wait for too long! Your fishing competitors won't wait around; they are climbing up the rankings as we speak!

I don't have Fish Bucks available! Help!
Remember to check the TSG.STORE as well! If you've registered in the TSG.STORE and logged into the game, and you still don't see them, it's possible that Fish Bucks are not yet available on your shores! Not to worry: they should be ready before long!