Dear Players!

I want to tell you about some changes introduced in Let's Fish in recent months and announce new things that are going to appear in the weeks to come.

Global Championships

Recently, global championships have been the most important novelty in the game. You can access them in the very same spot where the classic ones – simply click the 'Global' icon.

It was the first time in the history of our game that players from different portals could compete in one event simultaneously. Lukfish, a Facebook player, became the first, historical world champion of Let's Fish. Congratulations once again!

Given much interest shown toward this form of rivalry, we've decided that the global championships will permanently remain in the game as its fixed element. It's worth logging in the game as often as possible to check when they'll take place!

New events format

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we've introduced a new format of events based on using a unique bait, which could have been collected in the Treasure Chest or acquired in daily tasks. The first days of the calendar Spring, in turn, focused on collecting feathers – the signs of the Spring, which could have been won in events and exchanged for rewards. In the months to come, you may expect further changes: we're planning to refresh forms of some chosen events as well as diversify the game by introducing new kinds of tasks.


We're looking closely at the game's functionality of 1:1 Challenges. Its primary assumption was to provide players with the possibility of direct, friendly rivalry. Duels were meant to work as a challenge and entertainment during events gameplay, but have evolved in other direction during recent years. We wonder what we can do to make this functionality more attractive. Please, share your comments on this one – we're counting on you.

What's new?

In the coming weeks, we're planning to introduce another significant change. The new functionality in question will bring on an entirely new gameplay mode along with a brand new fishing quality.
As early as May, you may expect a new form of the well-known event – let the poster below be your hint:

In these difficult times, we wish you good health.
Tight lines and see you in the game, and hopefully, soon, on the bank of a real river.

Let's Fish Product Owner