Many aspects of the game have changed in recent months. I'd like to tell you more about the changes and announce what new things will appear in Let's Fish in the coming weeks.

Changes in the Challenges for Champions events.
The events based on fishery knowledge were modified. We've changed their format and rewards. The aim was to adapt these events to the players' capabilities and expectations, such as the resources and time needed to complete the task.

Prices reduction of magazines and tackle – Vastness of the Ocean.
Another recent change was a permanent price reduction of the magazines and tackle for the `Vastness of the Ocean` fishery. It aimed to facilitate access to the game content and improve gameplay. We don't exclude similar changes being made in the coming months.

Long-forgotten: Old Fisherman's Technique.
In response to your feedback on unnecessary items sat in your backpacks, we’ve decided to bring back the event where you can replace them for rewards. Such practice will take different shapes in the future.

June Snow – Lake Dove.
After the previous number of new fish reduction, we changed the basic price of the magazine on the new ‘Lake Dove’ fishery. We’d like to make the game more attractive and enable it to reach a wider group of players.

What's new?
We’re working on a new game functionality big time. It’s only a few more weeks remaining. We can’t reveal any details, though. Will the attached image help you guess what it maybe?
Tight lines and see you in the game from the whole Let's Fish Team!


Product Owner, Let's Fish