Last month, our game went through several important changes you quickly noticed. We'd like to show you some of the behind-the-scenes.

1. HTML5

Over two years ago, the world of web technologies decided to completely remove (by 2020) the Flash plug-in from all existing browsers. The complete transfer into html5 was the only option and a real challenge for us, especially that Let's Fish was using the plug-in since the very beginning. The new technology indeed has higher hardware requirements than the Flash plug-in, but it offers a significantly higher security standard.

Our goal was to provide something more than just a technological change. Some of you might have noticed a whole new layout of Let's Fish. We received a lot of feedback about the interface, color schemes, and graphic design, which eventually prompted us to restore the original look of the game.

However, the change of technology was inevitable, and its implementation allowed us to refine details and solve problems always surrounding such a huge update. We are constantly working on fixing bugs and improving performance.

2. Fishery Knowledge, Skill-sets

It's been two years since magazines and fish knowledge were introduced into the game. These features are very popular among the community. Thank you for your engagement.

You can now use skill-sets to catch even bigger fish with similar tackle plus instant training is a way to explore the in-game content even faster.

Based on your insights, we're working on additional changes to the new functionality. You'll be able to see some of them very soon.

The whole Let's Fish team wishes you successful fishing. See you in the game!


Let's Fish Product Owner