The Automatic Fishing feature allows fishing without any additional players' actions.

After pressing the 'Auto' button at the bottom of the game window, a settings window will appear. There, you can choose tackle, baits, and bonuses. Use a Sonar to determine the weight range for fish. If a fish is too big or too small, it won't be caught. You can set a Magic Lure bait for a specific fish. These fish won't be caught if not meeting the requirements.

Automatic fishing is possible only if a player has the Auto Reel. One caught fish uses one Auto Reel. You can either buy it in the shop or win it in specific events. The settings window also displays how many times you can fish with the selected tackle.

After pressing the 'Start' button, Automatic Fishing will start. It'll last until all items are used, or it'll be interrupted by the player pressing the 'Cancel' button. Players can check how many times and what fish have been caught so far at any time.

After the automatic fishing, a summary window will appear, where you can see:
- weight of caught fish
- obtained coins
- gained experience points
- number of caught fish
- caught fish and task fish

NOTE - Time of temporary items, such as Sonars or Power Bonuses, is converted to the amount of use: 1 minute equals 1 use - so a 15-minute sonar will be used for 15 catches in the Automatic Fishing.