There are many various tasks you can complete in Let’s Fish.
1. There are three categories of them
a. Tutorial – they're given to any new player (or a player who has not reached level 15) to introduce all functionalities and basics of the gameplay. These tasks are not obligatory.
b. Daily Tasks – You can complete up to 3 per day. The maximum time for completing one is 15 minutes.
c. Talent Task – These are available from level 13.

2. Daily Tasks. There are eight categories of them.
a. Fishing (catch a certain number of fish at a given fishery within a given time)
b. Fishing Race (catch a certain number of fish at certain fisheries)
c. Explorer (catch a given fish of a given species)
d. Prepare Your Tackle (catch a certain number of fish with a given minimum weight using a given rod within a given time)
e. Big Fish (catch a certain number of fish with a given minimum weight using a given rod at a given fishery)
f. Collector (catch fish weighing a given number of kg/lbs at a given fishery)
g. Good Catch (catch a given number of 4-star fish within a given time)
h. Hunting (catch a given number of fish of a given species within a given time)

3. Tasks appearing only in the tutorial:
a. Cast a Net
b. Invite a friend to fish together
c. Buy a Rod and Tackle
d. Buy Bait

4. Task Log.
In the Task Log, you can find 3 tabs corresponding to the type of tasks (Daily and Talent tabs are locked until a player reaches the required level).
a. On the left side, you can find a task list.
b. On the right side, you can find a task list from a given category.
c. In the right bottom corner, you can find rewards for task completion.
d. In the task log, you can also check your task progress bar.
e. To count the completed tasks, you have to open the Tasks Log at least once (by clicking on its image) - this requirement is essential mostly for new players.