On the left side of the screen, you can find: Task Journal, Fish Album and Scratch Cards icon.
On the right side of the screen you can find slots for licenses and active bonuses, from left to right:
Sonar, Landing Nets, Power Bonus, XP Bonus, Groundbait, Nets and Club Bonus placed below the net icon.
Below the Tasks icon, on the left side of the screen, you can find the Daily Bonus icon and Fishing Magazines ready to be opened. Daily Bonus is available only after opening all remaining Fishing Magazines.
Below Club Bonus icon, on the right side of the screen, there are icons of active and upcoming competitions and the challenge icon with the number of played challenges per day.

In the bottom left corner:
- Bag icon
- Bait/ Lure icon
- Hook icon
- Line icon
- Rod Icon

In the bottom right corner :
- Map icon ( with available fisheries)
- Inbox icon
- Fishing Clubs icon
- Lottery icon
- Championship icon
- Tournaments icon
- Ranking icon
- in-game store icon

Cast a Line and Automatic Fishing buttons are at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE - You have to equip every piece of tackle in order to fish.