1. Two players with a similar score in the Challenge ranking take part in the challenge.
2. The goal of the players is to catch the largest number of fish.
3. When the challenge time is over, the player with the highest sum of kilos wins the challenge.
4. Each completed challenge affects the number of players' points in the Challenge ranking.
5. Once a day the player can receive a special reward for completing the daily challenge.
6. Fish for challenges are selected based on the rank in the challenge ranking.
7. In 1vs1 Challenge only CAUGHT fish count.
8. You can play an unlimited number of duels.
9. It is possible that at the beginning of the random selection you will get a player with a higher level (this will change after the table of players expands)

1. The reward to the daily challenge is chosen based on the rank in the challenge ranking.
2. The player receives points for the daily challenge.
a) 1 point for winning
b) 1 point for each fish with a higher score than the opponent's fish.
c) 1 point for a draw.
3. The player does not receive points for the daily challenge if the player:
a) does not catch any fish during the challenge
b) gives up
4. You need 10 points to receive the daily reward.
5. Daily tasks reset at 3:00 AM CET
6. In the daily gift, you can find useful prizes and prestige points.

1. A player winning in the challenge receives points in the Challenge ranking.
2. A player losing in the challenge loses points in the Challenge ranking
3. The number of points earned/lost is variable. It depends on the difference of players' points in the Challenge ranking.
4. The place in the Challenge ranking gives no additional bonuses except for glory.