Your goal is to win in the club championship on a given fishery. The championships last 24 hours from midnight to midnight on fisheries from one continent.
Each day a different fishery is a place of the Club Competition (starting from Monday: Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Antarctica).
The club, after winning the competition on the fishery, becomes its owner until a general reset in the following week.
In order to win the Club Championship, players have to collect the biggest fish assigned to a given fishery.

If clubs want to participate in the Competition, they have to collect or buy Tickets for a given continent. Tickets are earned in Quick Events or bought in a tab in the club window.
Every day you can win Tickets for Club Competitions taking place the following day.

The name and the symbol of the winning club are displayed on the captured fishery.
The club wins the fishery for six days until the next reset.
Members of the club with a won fishery can perform special club tasks every day and earn some Prestige Points. New club tasks are assigned once a day, and the player can only have one task at a time.
The number of prestige points depends on the value of the fishery (in the Club Competition window at the fishery).

All club members take part in the Club Competition, however, only a few with the best scores are counted. In case of a draw, next players' scores are added to a final Club score. If it is impossible to determine the winner after counting the scores of all 50 members of the club, the club with a higher number of prestige points in the current club ranking wins.

In order to receive rewards, a player has to belong to the club at the time of distributing them.