In this tab, you can check the Fish of the Day and ranks of players who caught it.
If you also want to be ranked, just catch the Fish of the Day.

Scoring rules:
1st place - 125 points
2nd place - 75 points
3rd place - 60 points
4th place - 35 points
5th place - 30 points
6th place - 25 points
7th place - 20 points
8th place - 15 points
9th place - 10 points
10th place - 5 points

You can earn extra points by taking part in Daily Tournaments.
You can win fantastic rewards such as cups, ground baits, power bonuses, experience bonuses.
Players in the Daily Ranking are assigned to one of 10 ranks based on their level in the game.
The Fish of the Day changes every day at 00:00 CEST | CET