Players receive points when they hunt down an animal.

The number of points depends on the following factors:
  • Lure card level – the higher the level, the more chances of hunting a high-value animal.
  • Shooting accuracy – when a player hits the area marked with a green circle (preferably in the center), they receive a point bonus. The circle is usually near the animal’s heart. The further from the green field, the smaller the bonus. The accuracy bonus provides a maximum of 5% of the basic points.
  • Power-ups – the Weight +15% power-up increases the weight of an animal and, as a result, its basic points.
  • Weapon – specific weapon properties can increase an animal’s weight (increasing their point value) and the accuracy bonus.
Players need points to:
  • take high positions in Championships,
  • complete tasks in Events and secure high positions in Event Ranking,
  • win Duels.