Players use different weapons at each location. Weapons have unique levels and features called properties, but most of the features are the same in all weapons, except for the features that affect animals.
The weapon system helps players improve their stats and chances during hunting. The following article will help you understand how it works. Regardless of the model, each weapon: -starts at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 8, -is assigned to a given location, -has basic values that determine its effectiveness. By upgrading a weapon, you increase its level. You can find the level in the lower right corner of a weapon card. To level up a gun, you have to collect enough weapon parts. You can either buy the parts in the store or get them from the Hunt Box.
Weapon properties:
  • Animal skinning – increases the amount of silver received for hunting down an animal.
  • Contracts – increases the number of hunts for which the player wins silver.
  • Improved hunting: {rarity} animals – Guarantees a high score for hunting {rarity} animals.
  • Improved accuracy – increases the precise shot area, which makes it easier to get a precise shot and achieve maximum points.
  • Improved shooting clarity – provides more points for precise shots.
  • Improved Weight +15% power-up – additionally increases the weight of animals from selected lure cards when you use the WEIGHT +15% power-up.
  • Improved Luck +100% power-up – increases your chances of getting a higher score for hunting animals from the selected lure card when using the LUCK +100% power-up.
  • Improved Radar power-up – an animal’s point range is defined more accurately when using the RADAR power-up.
  • Instant hunt – gives you a chance for a fast hunt, i.e. hunting an animal instantly after starting a hunt, without aiming and with a precise shot.
  • Improved hunting: {rarity} – improves the chances of spotting a high-value animal of a given rarity when hunting with the Luck +100% power-up.
  • Heavier animals – boosts the chances of spotting a high-value animal.
  • Animal feature - boosts the chances of hunting a high-value specimen of a given animal.