Duels are a “1 vs. 1” type of competition, which means that only two players can participate in one Duel. Duels take place only in the locations the players have already unlocked, except for events that allow players to play in other locations. Players cannot choose the Duel location.

An 80-second Duel starts with pairing the players. Players are paired based on the number of so-called “cups.” Players receive cups when they win a Duel and lose cups when they lose, except for the first Duels, in which players can receive cups even when they lose. The number of won/lost cups depends on the number of the competitors’ cups. If you defeat a player who has more cups, you will win more, and if such a player defeats you, you will not lose a lot.

Cups will reset with the end of the season.

Once the players have been paired, each must select 1 out of 3 available animals. Both players choose an animal from different pools of 3 animals. An event may provide a specific animal to appear in the pool. If both players choose the same animal, the second animal is selected randomly by a server. Points received for hunting selected animals will count in a Duel. During a Duel, players can use only the lure cards for selected animals.

The player who achieves the highest score for hunting down the required animals during a Duel is a winner. You can use power-ups during a Duel to get more points. Only the highest-scoring animals of each player are taken into account. The points received for a hunted animal do not count when the Duel time expires.

Once a day, players can open a shell pack in exchange for shells. Players win shells in Duels according to the following rules:
  • 1 shell for finishing a Duel with point advantage for one animal,
  • 2 shells for winning a Duel with point advantage for one animal,
  • 3 shells for winning a Duel with point advantage for both animals.

When you win a Duel, you also receive a PVP pack and open it, which takes a specific amount of time. Each player can own a maximum of 4 packs simultaneously. These can be found in the "Duel lobby", which can be accessed by clicking on "Duel". If you cannot keep a pack, you lose it automatically. The time needed to open a pack depends on its type. Players can only open one pack at a time. You can spend gold to shorten the time needed to open a pack.