There are a few options that can help you hunt a bigger animal, i.e. the one with more stars. First, you can use power-ups. For example, the Weight +15% power-up increases the weight of an animal you are hunting, while the Luck +100% power-up increases the chances of hunting down a bigger animal. You should also remember to upgrade your lure cards because high-level cards allow you to lure bigger animals. Additionally, each weapon has some properties that can be activated and upgraded to help you hunt. All these options, as well as other power-ups and equipment, boost the chances of hunting down a bigger animal and receiving more points.

Remember that lure cards and weapon properties must be developed separately in each location. You can see the list of locations and levels required to unlock them on the Animal Album’s left side. To level up your account and unlock new locations, you need to upgrade lure cards. Each time you upgrade a card, you receive experience. The more expensive the upgrade, the more experience you receive. Your level and the amount of your experience can be seen on the left upper corner of the main screen.